Ich mach‘ es wie Lorelai Gilmore 

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… damit es mir nicht das Herz zerreißt.  Es kommt einfach alles in die Box.

LORELAI: Wait right there.
[Lorelai goes into the hall closet.]

RORY: Is this another trick?

LORELAI: No, I’m just getting something. [The “Bop-it” toy makes a noise.]

RORY: You’re pulling out the Bop-it? You’re already that bored of me?

LORELAI [returns with a hat box]: No. I just accidentally hit the Bop-it while I was getting this.

RORY: You bought me a hat?

LORELAI: No, it’s a hat box, filled with these. [Opening it she and gets out some bits of paper.] These are notes, written on whatever I had on hand at the time. Any time I had a topic I wanted to share with you or a random thought during that crappy time apart of ours, I jotted it down and threw it in the hat box so I wouldn’t forget.

RORY: Really?

LORELAI: I missed you, kid.

RORY: Missed you too. [Smiling at each other.] So, hit me with ‚em!

LORELAI: While we walk to Luke’s. Come on. Some of these are pretty cryptic. [Reading]: Um, Lenny Kravitz – where did Lenny Kravitz –

RORY and LORELAI [together]: Get all his money?

LORELAI: Yes! One hit and he’s buying a Fifth Avenue mansion.

RORY: Maybe he went through Nicole Kidman’s wallet when she wasn’t looking.

LORELAI: That’s got to be it. [Reading another bit of paper] Computer MP down – oh. I want to download music. There’s so much out there. Can you help me figure that out? MP3 players?

RORY: I can do that. Next?

LORELAI: Eh, Kirk skeet shooting.

RORY: That’s a bad combination.

LORELAI: Yeah, it’s the first time the town church has taken gunfire since the eighteenth century.

RORY: I missed so much so quickly!
[They leave.]

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